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Women's Hormone Health

A revolution is taking place. We are taking control of our own health. We are listening to our cycles and looking for underlying issues. We are reading more and tuning in. Mind and Body are being viewed as a whole and we are investing in our long-term health both financially and spiritually. We are recognizing the need for deep breaths, a connection to nature & community and I am here to help lead your way back to yourself. To keep you on track and consistent. To give you easy to follow protocols that will have you seeing results and will lead to a vibrant and healthy life.

For more information you can contact me at hello@periodcoach.com

My story begins like that of many women. Something, that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, felt off. Doctors and gynecologists alike always had the same response, recommending some form of birth control or not even being interested in my hormone health because I didn’t want to have children. When I came prepared with notes and books and specific questions, they still always seemed to have an easy answer that would get me out of the doctor’s office in 5 minutes or less and always leave me feeling confused and unfulfilled.

Thankfully, I never gave up. Or rather, I only gave up for a few years, but am now coming back with a vengeance.

Did you know that hormones can cause a lot of issues in ways that you would never have thought of? Let me help you unlock the messages your body is sending you, such as:


Menstrual Disorders